The First Surviving Septuplets in the World, They’re 21 Years Old Now

The McCaugheys

Kenny McCaughey and Bobbi tried to have a child for as long as they could remember. Bobbi was born with a disorder, a dysfunctional pituitary gland; it is a situation that promotes infertility. In 1996, they, however, had a little girl and called her Mikayla Marie. It was a ray of hope, and they thought they could have more. Due to the stressful experience that led to Mikayla Marie’ pregnancy, they thought it would be wise to get professional help. They visited someone who specialized in fertility treatment and he introduced them to Metrodin. The job of this medication is to help stimulate ovulation, ultimately increasing a woman’ chances of getting pregnant. And she eventually did.

Not Only One

Something unusual happened in one of their regular check-ups for the baby. Kenny and Bobbi waited eagerly for their scan results. When the result was brought by the doctor, they were utterly amazed! The indication on the scan was not one baby but SEVEN babies.

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