Futures and young moms, heal your teeth!

Baby’s health also depends on the mother’s oral health, before, during and after pregnancy. Better to check your teeth regularly and avoid licking your spoon or pacifier …

Futures and young moms, heal your teeth!

The oral and dental health of mothers influences that of babies who have not yet developed their oral flora. But mother’s dental hygiene is also important before and during pregnancy. This is what experts from the Dental University of Texas in the United States recall.

Be attentive to your dental hygiene. It is important that expectant mothers do not neglect their oral hygiene by taking (even more) care of their dental health and regularly visiting the dentist during their pregnancy. Dr. William Wathen, associate professor at Texas Dental University, tells VitalRecord that pregnant women need to control their dental plaque and limit their intake of starchy and sugary foods. However, you should not expect to be pregnant to look after your oral health. Indeed, if a dental check-up should be done during and after pregnancy, specialists recommend that you also do one before getting pregnant. Especially since in a previous study, Dr. William Wathena explains that “statistically, mothers with unhealthy teeth may have premature and underweight babies.”

Avoid tasting the dishes of toddlers. The germs and microbes present in the mother’s mouth will then contaminate that of the baby. Dr. Wathena says that “cavities are contagious because bacteria in the mother’s mouth and those in the family are found in the baby’s mouth, and a baby will develop its own oral flora.” according to those of each member of his family [who kisses him or licks his spoon or nipple, note] “. For example, caries bacteria in parents’ mouths, as well as siblings, can contaminate the baby’s mouth, so the baby’s mouth will be more likely to develop.


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