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10 Unusual Cheap American Vacation Destinations For Families

The United States is a large country, so the cost of living can vary significantly from one state to another.We have found for you the cheapest cities in the USA. Admittedly, the cost of living is often higher than in France, but these destinations will allow you to spend a cheap stay in the United States. And you will see it, cheaper does not mean that these cities lack interest, far from it!



Where to go cheaply with your family to the United States? Capital of the state of Indiana in the Midwest, Indianapolis is a city that fits perfectly into a trip to the United States cheaply. There are many activities here to seduce both young and old. In Indianapolis, we like the Broad People neighbourhood, a colourful multicultural neighbourhood where public art has its place. Between friendly places to drink a beer and listen to music and graffiti in the streets, you will love this place. Another place of interest in Indianapolis is White River State Park. Here again, culture is in the spotlight. Between green spaces and amusement parks, you can attend a concert or visit a zoo to watch dolphin shows. Another very pleasant attraction in Indianapolis is canoeing on the central channel. Go through the city centre for 5 km and enjoy this place from a different angle.

Indianapolis is our favorite for a family trip to the United States, it is unique, full of diversity, and offers a wide range of activities. And in addition, the cost of living is very reasonable, 43% cheaper than in Paris for example!

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