Alya Chaglar from Turkey is a talented artist and mother who became famous on Instagram thanks to creative photos of her adorable little girl, Stefani.

Alya, also known as seasunstefunny on Instagram, loves nothing more than spending time with her daughter and working together to dress Stefani in beautiful and creative outfits. About a year ago we discovered Alya and Stefani making fun and artistic portraits with ‘dresses’ made from flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Now they have made a series of photographs that recreate the glamorous red-carpet fashion of celebrities.

“One day, I came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown and decided to repeat her fashion look for my daughter, by using different materials on hand, Alya told Bored Panda. “The publication of that photo got very popular on social media, so I went on making a “dress like a celebrity” photo series and posted them under the #ahStefani hashtag.”

“It takes around 10-30 minutes to recreate a celebrity’s look, we use nothing more than plastic, paper, tin foil and other materials you can find around the house, and a stapler to stick the pieces together.”


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#1 Rita Ora

#2 Meghan Markle

#3 Rihanna

#4 Vanessa Hudgens

#5 Millie Bobby Brown

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