The Little Things that Matter in Parenting

Parents get all types of advice and it can be quite confusing if you are not decided on what to do. Parenting is an important role that moms should not take lightly because it has significant long term effects. Let’s have a look at some of the things that every mom should know.

Keep your phone away

We live in a world where most people are addicted to their phones. In most cases, they just look at social media or YouTube. Emailing, calling, and texting can wait if it’s not work related. Most parents find it hard to stay for 1 hour without checking their phones. Pay attention to your children and avoid unhelpful and unnecessary distractions.

Act silly

Life is never that serious. No one gets out of it alive anyway. Make funny faces and chase your children around your house. Make them laugh and have fun always. Let the kids enjoy every single moment they spend with you; it strengthens the bond between you and them. Don’t sit there acting mature only doing constructive things. The little silly things matter to your children.


Walking is not the most comfortable way of getting to a place but you need to do it sometimes. For short errands, use your legs and let your kids accompany you. Only use the car when its necessary. As you walk, talk and play around with your child.

Back up videos and photos

Some digital memories are irreplaceable and priceless. You don’t want to lose special moments that only come once in a lifetime. Invest in cloud service or a hard drive. Take photos and videos to capture those crazy and interesting moments you share with your kids. Showing these videos to your children when they grow up will be awesome and fun. Don’t take it lightly because it also matters a lot.

Being a parent is overwhelming especially when you get advice from different people. Most parents don’t know the right way of doing things because their friends and the society see things differently. Here is a simple guide on how to get started and how to be a great parent.

Learn to say no

Children can be quite demanding and stubborn because they want everything. Not everything is suitable for them. Furthermore, saying ‘yes’ to everything will make the child disobedient. If a request is not to the best interest of your child, turn it down. This way, the child will be disciplined and will learn how to be patient among other desirable qualities.

You are the role model

A child learns most things from the mom. You should look appealing to your children and keep in mind that they take note of everything you do. If you look fussy and stressed, the child will not be inspired to take parenting roles in future. Be positive about life and show them how to treat other people in a good way.


Parenting is not all about mothers. Let you partner take some parenting roles. Encourage him to feed the kids, bath them or babysitting. These bonding activities strengthen the bond between family members. You don’t want to be in a position where the father is looks like an outsider.

Establish chores

You kids should learn how to be responsible. Some of the tasks that you can assign them include: making the bed, putting toys away, emptying trash cans, and setting the table. When children are involved in these activities, their self esteem is built. They also feel trusted and helpful and family members. They will look forward to start taking bigger roles when they grow up. Additionally, assigning your children different tasks prepares them for any hardships they may encounter later as they grow older.


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