More and more teachers are using meditation to improve student attention.

Children’s meditation is on the rise, not just with parents. More and more teachers are engaging in training to appease and improve the students’s attention. The association for meditation in school (AME) develops this practice in schools and records about fifty training requests per day. The majority of applications come from teachers who wish to improve the attentional abilities of students to facilitate their learning and spend less time doing the discipline, reports Relaxnews. That’s not all. They also see in meditation a solution to fight against tensions and bullying. In 2 years, approximately 3,000 students from kindergarten to BTS attended mindfulness meditation sessions for 10 weeks.

In addition to having beneficial effects on depressive disorders, pain and chronic diseases, according to several studies, mindfulness meditation also improves the relationship to the body, to oneself, to knowledge, but also to others. The association also states on its website that following these interventions, 52% of children feel better than before and 82% say they feel calmer. More than 70% of them say they have developed their attention and concentration. Despite these good results, meditation still has a way to go before being enrolled in the National Education program. according to Relaxnews. It seems, however, that schools are increasingly interested in mindfulness meditation.


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