Tips to motivate Your Kid without putting pressure

Are your child’s grades in free fall? There is no point in putting pressure on him. Here are some ideas to accompany and motivate him to make him climb the slope.

All parents want their children to succeed in school. Moreover, according to a recent study, most of them would like their offspring to work as a doctor, engineer or computer scientist. But in reality, not all children excel in their schooling. So how do you react when your child reports below average, sometimes even catastrophic? Should we punish, punish, or remain patient? What attitude to adopt and how to find the right balance to motivate him and make him want to work more, without putting pressure on him or letting him down?

Do not put the bar too high

Indeed, British researchers have recently argued that the parents ‘requirement may be detrimental to their toddlers’ academic performance. According to them, wanting your child to succeed at all costs at school would have the opposite effect. Aiming high is good, but staying realistic would be even better. In addition, it is essential to support and support them in their studies, homework and revisions. You can also, from an early age, offer them educational games that allow them to become familiar with the numbers or words, or work their memory. Because learning while having fun is always easier! Tips, studies, tips and tricks are offered in this folder to help your toddler to become the first in his class, or at least improve his school results …


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