What Makes a 21st Century Super Mom?

The trend is for super moms who combine responsibilities and tasks while juggling a career.

Is it possible to find a balance?

You worked hard to succeed at school, and then, diploma in hand, you went to get a great job that you love. On the way, you met a wonderful man, fell in love and decided to build a life with him. You have everything, finally, almost everything! The maternal instincts you do not consider (as) existence (!) Are beginning to be felt more and more. Confident and listening to yourself, you decide to start a family with your partner. After each new toddler, you return to work at the end of your maternity leave, as planned. Welcome to the world of “Super Mom”!

What is the definition of a “Super Mom”?

“Super Mom” is an informal term that we use to describe a female parent who can combine the traditional functions of domestic and child care in addition to those of a full-time job. Or, as the Oxford Dictionary puts it: “An exemplary or exceptional mother, especially one who successfully manages a home and raises children, while having a full-time job. ”
According to many experts, mastering the work-family dichotomy can be difficult, often chaotic and rarely satisfying. Although women have a growing presence in the labor market, they are constantly challenged to reconcile work-related tasks with those at home.
So, how to combine business employment rewardingly with the demands of motherhood? How to redefine the “Super Mom” of the 21st century?
Modern mom seeks more flexibility
Modern times make us want more of life. We are looking for new ways to spend time with our kids while making a living. Moreover, we seek to develop our personal identity alongside that of mother, housewife and career woman without compromising our different roles.
The answer can be found in freelance, freelance or temporary and flexible work. Indeed, advances in technology have not only made possible some flexibility in employment, but have also provided accessibility from the comfort of the home. It may seem unbelievable, but thanks to the time spent at home, we have been able to bring about a rally and refinement of many of our skills.

We have a lot more to offer than we realize

Even if we did not know it yet, the time spent with our children during our various maternity leaves did not make us lose our place on the job market. On the contrary! Without going to the office every day, we updated our skills with the most on ways: the management of the home and children.
We already knew the requirement to work at any time, including evenings and weekends. We responded and forwarded many messages on a daily basis, we had the ability to maintain multiple calendars and coordinate multiple projects while planning and organizing social gatherings of all ages and interests. With communication skills and project management skills, we already understood the importance of meeting deadlines and deadlines. The more we were busy, the more it seemed possible to accomplish, without asking or even waiting for recognition of any kind.

Flexibility, freelance and part time as a solution

Why not combine all these skills for your benefit? Within a flexible framework, a multitude of possibilities exist in multiple areas: sales, marketing, administrative support or graphic design to name a few options. You have the power to redefine the new era of “Super Mom”.
If your concern is to keep your work separate from your home environment by not being ready to make a commitment to the business world, full-time or permanent, this is for you.
Temporary or part-time assignments may be the answer. With more and more companies requiring additional support in peak periods or in large-scale intermediate projects, the search for qualified short-term staff is a model that is becoming more and more common for companies. It allows them to find and fill a request for competent professionals for specific missions. In addition, the temporary or part-time option is an ideal way to regain the job market, providing the opportunity to discover new opportunities. Finally, this alternative has the advantage of filling the need and the need to be present at home, according to selected and designated time periods.
It seems that the classic definition of what once defined a “Super Mom” no longer corresponds to the designation of the 21st century. In a constantly changing society, the unconventional is gradually becoming a norm.


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