Resting Bitch Face – 10 Reasons Why Moms Are Having It


Most people believe they are complimenting me by saying I’m nice. However, what they actually imply is that your face can is like that of someone who will eat up a child while it is sleeping. It turns out that you are not a monster after all.


Since my childhood days, I’ve been hearing this statement.


I had RBF (Resting Bitch Face) As Festus

Upon delivery I am positive. The OB said to my mother ‘‘she is unbelievably nice and different from what was produced by her ultra sound’’.


There were even some friends of mine who said that initially, I looked scary. This is something that I can’t help in any way. It is my face!


Although RBF isn’t new to me, lots of mothers seem to be afflicted by it. I may be like the only 5 – year old who was glaring inadvertently on the playground; it doesn’t mean I am the only person who is 35 – years of age that is guilty of this.


Why do mothers actually experience RBF? There are some theories responsible for this.


Smelling phantom poop

When kids seem to be in diapers, their mothers will be in regular poop alert. It may be normal to you that someone will smell the ass of a kid. This isn’t the case for mature mothers. Even when the kids have gone past toilet training phase or stage, we just can help catching whiffs.


When kids aren’t doing well

Kids can misbehave either at home, school or the playground. At this point, this face will be to decide whether going over and deal with that kid or just try to pretend that nothing is happening.


When we remember the washer was done about 3 days ago

Heck! Does that need to be washed once again? I don’t know why people are staring at me like that.


When we haven’t had enough rest

These moms do understand why their faces are like that. The thing is that they just can’t change them.


As kids, we made the face too much and right now changing it is a problem

Our mothers weren’t wrong and maybe you should let your kids know this anytime they try to complain about your mean – looking face.


Trying to know what needs to be done for the day

This becomes obvious once we’re doing some mental math which may include school orders.


Being overwhelmed

The truth about motherhood is that it is not only exhausting but also isolating. This reflects on our faces most times.


We can’t seem to remember the next statement

I remember what I want to say to someone and all of a sudden I just can’t remember anything. What was that we wanted to talk about?


When the coffee order gets messed up

This is really important since it makes us feel among in the society. Without coffee, nothing is going to work as planned. This includes our faces.


We don’t give a damn about the opinion of people

With the priorities we have on our hands, our facial expressions seem to be the least of our problems. We don’t emote, dress very well and even do make up the way that we ought to. It gets to that point whereby you just don’t care about what people are feeling regarding how your face looks like. It isn’t just your problem at the moment.


So ladies, don’t only wear that RBF but also do it with pride since it has been earned. You can make the decision to become part of the women in our cycle who are very nice people. Although our faces may be suggesting something different, we are fun to be with. We do hang out, take coffee and even scowl at one another.


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