Mom Tell What She Has Learned After 2 Years After Her Son’s Birth

Mom tell what she’s learned after 2 Years after her Son’s Birth

“These tips/ideas come from a mix of knowledge acquired from great books, resources and tons…AND TONS…of trial and error. The one thing I’ve learned for sure is that all situations are unique, so take these with a grain of salt” she said
Breastfeeding isn’t the end all, be all. Sure, it’s the best option if at all possible, but a happy mom/baby relationship is more important than breast milk.
Hire a night nurse. Can’t stress this enough. If you have the finances available for this, it is absolutely invaluable and will be your guide during the first jarring week. (
First 3 months is all about survival. Don’t obsess over the small stuff, most of it won’t be long term. Just get through 90 days and regroup from there.
Go easy on your friends/family. People are gonna make their comments and haters gonna hate. Try not to get too mad, it’s not worth it. Take it from someone who had far too many unnecessary confrontations.
90/10 rule for advice. Ignore 90% of the advice you get from friends and family. Pick a small select group of people (this should include your pediatrician) that you accept advice from. The rest is just noise and can be overwhelming — except for this post, of course!
Take lots of pictures and videos. You’ll barely remember the sleep-deprived fuzzy haze that is your child’s first year.
Use disposable table toppers at restaurants and public places while eating. This could be one of the simplest and best products we’ve used. I never liked the idea of our son eating off the table at restaurants (…gross). This solved that and kept him entertained.
Establish a bedtime routine early on. It might sound obvious, but it’s crucial. Bath, books, songs, bed. Don’t let it get past 8:30pm where possible.


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