7 Things Moms Must Do Immediately After Giving Birth

Kati Finell/shutterstock

From the moment baby enters the world, a mom wants to make sure she’s doing everything she can to bolster her baby’s wellness and promote bonding. Although we tend to think of nurses whisking the baby right away to a radiant warmer for observation, cleaning, and quick testing, there are beneficial steps that can come first, as long as mom and baby are doing well.

Here, the seven things moms should be prepared to do immediately after birth …

1. Delay cord clamping. 

Trained professional doula Lindsey Monroe advises moms to make sure that part of their birth plan is waiting for several minutes for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before clamping and cutting. The latest research shows that doing this could potentially reduce the number of infants with iron deficiency. Neonatologist Susan J. Dulkerian, MD, medical director of newborn services at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, explains, “Delaying the cord clamping allows more blood from the placenta to transfer to the infant, thus an increased volume of red blood cells. All infants normally become relatively anemic in the first months of life, so starting at a higher level lessens the severity of the anemia.”


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