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10 Baby Care Skills Every New Parent Should Master

Newborns come usually with a huge responsibility. After your baby is born, your daily life is now in turmoil, and you’ll have to get organized. Which diet should I choose: mother’s milk or infant milk? How to awaken your child and support his or her development? Which childcare method to choose? How to create your wardrobe? How to take care of your health, both physical and psychological? Parents answers all your questions.

We did our Homework at which led us to put together a list of things that can be beneficial for new parents.

1. How to Give a Baby CPR

Despite all the precautions you can take, both breastfed and bottle-fed, it is strongly recommended to try to get the swallowed air out after a feeding. Take a clean diaper, bib or cloth and place it on your shoulder.

Place baby on this shoulder, with the arm on the same side supporting his butt, his belly resting on the shoulder itself. Rub his back, tap slightly from bottom to top to bring up the air.

In addition to burping, your little may also regurgitate milk. You can also sit him on your lap, head forward, and pat his back.

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